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Beroean Pickets – Bible Study Forum
“…go to gathering the wheat into my storehouse.” – Mt 13:30

Salvation, Part 6: Armageddon

[To view the previous article in this series see: The Children of God]  What is Armageddon? Who dies are Armageddon? What happens to those who die at Armageddon? Recently, I was having dinner with some good friends who had also invited another couple for me to get to...

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What’s in a Name?

I recently purchased a booked titled What's in a Name? Origins of Station Names on the London Underground.[1] It deals with the history of all 270 names of London Underground stations (tube network). Flicking through the pages, it became clear that the names had very...

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The Lord Is Knocking

[This little gem came out at our last weekly on-line meeting.  I just had to share.] “. . .Look! I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and take the evening meal with him and he with me.” (Re...

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Are We in the Last Days?

This forum is for the study of the Bible, free from the influence of any particular religious system of belief.  Nevertheless, the power of indoctrination as practiced by the various Christian denominations is so pervasive that it cannot be ignored altogether,...

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Salvation, Part 4: All in the Family

The previous article dealt with the two rival seeds that contend with one another throughout time until the culmination of the salvation of humankind.  We are now in the fourth installment of this series and yet we've never actually stopped to ask the question: What...

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The Identity of the 24 Elders

[Editor’s note: When I published my analysis of the 24 Elders which came from the work of a brother in the Caribbean, Stephanos who lives in Europe called me to tell me he had a similar article in the works.  I found it most encouraging that two brothers so far from...

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Who are the 24 Elders of Revelation?

[A tip of the hat to Yehorakam for bringing this understanding to my attention.] First, is the number 24, literal or symbolic?  Let’s assume it’s symbolic for a moment.  (This is only for the sake of argument as there is no way to know for sure whether the number is...

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The Book of Revelation – The Lord’s Day

When John spoke, in Revelation 1:10, of being carried in the spirit to see visions, he spoke of “the Lord’s Day”. What day was he referring to? Is there more than one “Lord’s Day”, and how will the answer affect our understanding of the visions of “The Revelation to John”?

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